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Regeneration "features"

This isnt a suggestion on how regeneration SHOULD work this is just some suggestions on what could be added to whatever swd team is working on.


  • Ability to lay down and do a "soft regneration" like in the classics
  • ability to regen at will
  • during one of the more "explosive" regeneration idk if they will make it cause damage but if so maybe have it do damage to Mobs instead of players so a accidential regeneration wave doesnt go off on the server
  • when the hearts hit zero maybe instead of instantly regenerating you get a regneration 5 boost for a few seconds or minutes (depends on whatever system you guys setup) and after it counts down to zero or you drink a bucket of milk thats when you start to regenerate instead of in the middle of battle

I like this idea. I especially like the idea of being able to change the strength of regeneration.

Regeneration at will and the idea of a delayed regeneration sounds awesome to be honest.

Maybe Make it so that when you regenerate, you change your face? Like in the regeneration mod


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