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Bots activity on the website


Hello everyone some of you probably noticed lately threads with the names like guidemehealth. In this thread I shall explain why those things happens lately.


bots what are they?

Bots are automatic accounts that random post things in this case threads.


Why are they on this website?

It is currently unknown why there are bots active on this website lately but we are gonna contact 1WTC and he shall probably solve this.


What do I do if I see a thread like that?

Do not click on that thread and if there is a link in the thread title of in the thread content, then do NOT click the thread because it could either be a hacker or a virus or even worse. So I will strongly recommend not to click on that thread because no one knows what happens if you click on that website.


I hope I gave enough informations about the site bots that are active here atm. IF you decide to click on the link and receive a virus or a hacker got access to your stuff do not go post threads here about that you got hacked because we now clearly warned you to stay away from the thread.



Ultra Admin


I have noticed this as well and assumed the same thing.

Dutch!, I believe Gedu just opened a Bot thread, I entered it and it said things that I sign up to irl not via Vertual, plus it has a link in the title. Has no virus but shouldn’t be allowed

Well if you read my thread correctly it says ANYONE that has a link in his thread title is a bot.

I'll be working on putting something in place for this later today

Done. Added a CAPTCHA to the registration page. This should somewhat help


Nice Job John! I shall keep this thread open for any further questions etc.

1WTC removed the Captcha for a reason and now the bots are back! If you see any thread with a site link to somewhere DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK because we don't know what happends it can either be a hacker, virus, keylogger etc. 


If you decide to ignore this message and click on the link don't come to us blaming you got a virus.

we should all take a moment to thank John... for removing Captcha.. now we can get our gmails, twitter, etc hacked.... easier.. if we are dumb enough to click on random links..... well you don't have to be dumb to click on those links.. you just have to not be well drawn toward anything about it just ignore any links unless it is directly related to the topic at hand like the dalek mod or other stuff the SWD Team has made.

If 1WTC didn't remove the Captcha then no one was able to create a account on this website.

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