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Greif MooseMilkYT 1 day





1 day


I was buying steel blocks from the shop


I thought you were allowed to take other player's stuff if they didn't write private on their chest and if it was against the rules I had already been to the warp called "rules" had a wall saying rules but it had nothing on it i don't know if it was my computer or that someone broke it but DMU is the thing I like to do in the time that i have nothing to do



So I am sorry for what I have done and I promise I will never do it again


Kind Regards and a sorry from MooseMilkYT 



When you first join the server you have to type the command /rules. That command tells you rules of the server one of them is saying something like no griefing and no stealing. We found multiple small griefs of you. I will deny this ban appeal since its only 24h and make sure when you go back on the server to type /rules and read them and then follow the rules.



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