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Grief Report

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[DMU Grief Report]

Reason for report: I have just come back from a week holiday and have found my house grifed, they have broken my doors, glass and some floor as well as poured lava in my extension house and broken those windows. The player was Thedoctor6602 as they were kind enough to leave a sign.

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Your Minecraft username: Shadowlink11oo

  Location of the grief (Coords / Dimension ID / Server): XYZ: 499.002/64/734.979 Overworld town: AmbientcityV4

 Before and after screenshots (Optional): Only have after screenshots:




Thank you for reading.

Uhm can you maybe upload the pictures to this thread because we can't access your folders. 

Hello There
I've checked the grief and the player has been banned.

Thank you for reporting.

This thread has been locked.