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I'm Sorry. I've changed!

Hello there! :D


Minecraft username: The name I got now is I__TheDoctor__I The chat is broken so i am still in the server called "WheatleyTheHaker" or "T00thlezz" I think

Why you were banned:"You dont want too play here anymore"

I got banned by: BellatorHD

ban duration: Never [;-;]

What were you doing last on the server: I was driving around with my new bought bessy car and drove it around our town / factory. Then it got deleted and got a little bit mad


Why you think you should be pardoned: I know that you know I am sorry.  But I really mean it. I love the server, the mod, the staff. And I think I got banned a year and a half ago. I was a little bit mad because my bessy got deleted and some other items because I just realised that I cant sell a tardis with a lower price than 1200 creds. (which was the old price of an tardis I think..) I was a little bit mad and said "I dont want to play here anymore.." Then BellatorHD just banned me and kicked me out of the discord group. Only because I was a bit mad and said these words doesnt give him rights to ban me. I am 13 now and I've changed alot. I am not such an big "spammer" like the old times I played on the server. I got muted alot. But I Was just typing really fast. But Im not saying so much these days. (Btw im german. My english got alot better since I got banned from the server.) As I said I really love the mod. And the server and just want to get unbanned. I was mad and I am sorry for that. I didnt grief anything. I just selled a TARDIS with a lower price which I didnt know was a rule that I cant do it.


Have a beautiful day / night :]

ps: Thanks for making this amazing mod.. I am a huge DW fan

Hi There

You are pardoned from DMU with one last warning,
If you break the rules, you will be perm banned again.

Thread Locked.

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