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Hey there,

Now before I get into this subject I am going to say it has been pretty good here in the SWDTeam and DM community. I have obviously been given a large amount of punishments but now it doesn't really matter also most of you guys will be happy that I am leaving because of what I did on the SWD discord. I am deeply sorry about that but I am moving on. Now onto the subject. I am leaving the SWD community because I have lost interest of minecraft in general but I have enjoyed the mod and the DMU's community. The SWD discord wasn't a place for me to be at all but like I said I'm moving on. You are probably happy that I am leaving cause I may have done something that might've upset you or made you a little stressed/frustrated. I am sorry if you are the person that I made upset/frustrated. Now for the people who are a little sad about be leaving. My discord is iDescend#2579 and my steam is iDescend (I have a lemon as my pfp). I will be accepting any discord friend request but if you are friending me cause you want to send me hate or just be annoying please don't. I am not going through a good time so doing that would make it worse. So yea... I guess this is goodbye now. (I shall be replying to this thread until 12th of August.) P.S: I might come back depending on what kinda replies I get on here or how I feel after I leave.

Thanks for the amazing times here at this community


Oh and if it is ok with John (1WTC not RedDash16 lol sorry mr.dash) I might give away my VIP+ and Beta to people. I am not sure who to but John may as well choose if it is allowed at all.

Uh, I know I have supposed to have left the community and all that but uh, still have to do why I left, but enough about how I shouldn't be posting here




If I am correct, you cannot refund ranks if you wish to leave the community, as with being banned, I presume this would be the same for giving ranks to other people, but hey idk, but that's my thought on it anyway

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