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[Unofficial] Black Ops 4 Reviews

Alright so this thread is for talking about the recent Private Beta of Cod Black Ops 4. You can talk about what you like/disliked. Stuff you thought was powerful or weak. Also you can mention the level you got to at the end of the beta. Also if you are excited for the Blackout Beta in September.

So I got to max level 40 and really like the level 40 gun (forgot its name) I disliked how my ps4 controller broke during a match and had to go to the store to buy a new controller (And a spare). And I am very excited for the Blackout beta. Plus I got an extra 3 days as I am a ps4 player and ps4 players got a week before the real beta to get high level guns before xbox and pc players.

So black ops 4 has been out for a month so i want to know if anyone has played it yet, it is awesome almost at prestige 1 and I absolutely suck at blackout battle royale.

Personally, I really love Black Ops 4, best CoD since Black Ops 2. I suck painfully at CoD but still find it enjoyable.


Hit me up on PSN sometime if you wanna play (ID: RedDash16)

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