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Greater Kalatown (town)

New Kalatown is a town that can be found at /warp newkalatown. We have politics, votings, ideologies, etc etc. We have around 60 members. Our current ideology is fascism. We are a member of the Empire of the Varos Daleks. I shan't write much information here, since most people do not check this page. See our discord server for more information instead: https://discord.gg/JzkVJcf 


I’m not trying to start anything but I’m just pointing out that you can’t say that griefing will result in an instant ban, because you aren’t staff.

New Kalatown has switched to theocracy due to a high council voting. I now declare myself the Descendant of God, rightful ruler of all that the sun touches. Our discord server has more information about the matter: https://discord.gg/nW72Yms

We have moved the industrial section of New Kalatown past the river. The former industrial section will now be a living place for the trusted members of the faction. The houses will be very detailed and baroque-style. I am ready to pay handsomely to people who will build good-looking baroque houses there. Adieu! 


The workers of New Kalatown have seized control of the means of production! Communism is now the ideology of New Kalatown. More information on the discord server.

Fascism has risen to power in New Kalatown. The name has been changed to Greater Kalatown. We shall seek to eliminate outside influence, grow more independent, and self-sufficient. All players are still allowed to join, however they shall be questioned before being allowed to do so.

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