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New Kalatown (town)

New Kalatown is a town that is located at these coordinates: 802742 63 947840. We are a nationalist monarchy with around 50 members (however, before the reset we had 137 members) We have 3 ranks: Elder builder, Elder, Builder and KDS (Kalatown Defence & Security) You may build a house at New Kalatown, at any time, although you can only live in one house. If you are building a house, you will have to use the following blocks (unless you wish to build outside the island, there you can build with anything you wish): Birch wood and/or cobblestone. Rules: 1. Respect your fellow comrades, do not insult New Kalatown, or any members of it. 2. Do not PvP at the town, unless both sides agree to combat each other. 3. Do not grief, and do not steal. Breaking these rules will result in an instant ban, in some situations, merely a warning. We are a part of the Empire of the Varos Daleks, we are not independent. We also have a warp: /warp newkalatown. To join, just live in a house with the sign [free] and replace that sign with your name (it will cost 5$ a week to live in one of these houses), or then make your own house (will cost you 10$ a week to live in a house made by you) (add the sign there as well) and I will make you a member of the town. God save the Emperor!

I’m not trying to start anything but I’m just pointing out that you can’t say that griefing will result in an instant ban, because you aren’t staff.

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