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Farewell Dalek Mod (DM and DMU are Continuering)

its been an amazing ride with you all, been with this mod for around 6 years and seeing how something small can grow to something this big is inspiring, if anyone else wants to post their goodbyes it would be great if you posted them here. Ive met alot of people through this mod ive made friends and done stuff in real life that i wouldnt have done without this mod, i greatly appreciate what this community has done and i hope it doesnt fall apart just because the dalek mod is gone

Well I have been a member of this community for the past 4 years I think maybe longer idk. And I enjoyed every second of it and I have been staff for the past 3 years and I helped, banned, warned etc alot of people in those 3 years. I saw alot of staff come and go. I will ofcourse if the SWD Discord stays stay in the Discord and help moderate the SWD Discord. Until the server shutdowns I am gonna enjoy every moment I have left on DMU. 

As the fourth Doctor once said "It's the end....but the moment has been prepared for....". I've spent countless hours on DMU and Singleplayer, meeting new friends, having a laugh and overall just a good time. I've been a member of the SWD Community for nearly 3 years now, and it was this mod back in 2015 that first introduced me to it.  It's a shame to see such a great mod come to an end, but I guess in the end, it was gonna happen eventually. Goodbye Dalek Mod. You will be missed.





I remember the first mod i ever downloaded it happened to be this mod back in 2012

might have been 2013 i don't remember anyway its going to be a huge miss

I am sad to see it end like most people but this mod is the reason i still play minecraft today 6 year of this mod 

Rest In Pepsi DMU And thank you 1wtc (John) For making one of the best minecraft mods it has been a real Adventure


Thank you.

This last year + has been amazing. I have loved every second on the server and I will continue to until it closes. Thank you to all the staff who run it and make DMU happen. I couldn’t list of everyone I would like to thank so if you read this you have been thanked. You are amazing. Have a great time, and feel free to message me on discord at any time. Thanks!

 Thank you for the wonderful time I've spent on DMU and playing Dalek Mod. I remember coming out of the hospital after being introduced to Minecraft and then buying it in 2012 when I was 11. The first mod I got was Dalek Mod in 1.7.10. There I found DMU and all the fantastic friends I've met on there. All the members of Alpha Squad especially Cam and Paul thanks for making me so welcome in the faction it's like a family to me along with the community. I'd also like to thank all the staff for being so welcoming and kind to me. I know that over the years I've not been the easiest person to put up with so I'd like to thank you for putting up with me. I've loved every second I've spent on the mod and servers and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I met George on DMU And here, he was a great friend and he will be missed terribly. I hope that he's found peace and can be happy again. And most importantly thank you 1WTC for making one of the best Doctor Who Minecraft mods out there. If the SWD Discord stays I'll be staying there. :) Goodbye dalek mod. You will be missed and thank you for all the fun the past 6 years.

Thank you.To SWD team as much as DMU staff,for all what you did for us.DMU wasn't just a server,but a whole community,that you all made,thank you for this year,that I spent on DMU.It was a pleasure to meet everyone,staff members,dev team,and obviusly all the players.DMU won't be forgotten,and with it all staff members.

Its really sad how something so amazing has to end but all good thing come to an end, The Dalek Mod and the entire community from John to Everyone have been amazing. this mod was a great place to roleplay and make custom Tardises It will be missed by All and mostly by those who made friends on these servers, thank you for an amazing two years. lots of people have come and lots have left. we will miss the mod greatly and the community as well. Thank You


I am very sad that this must go. I will remember my friends on this site and mod. Thank you SWD Team for your amazing mod I regret nothing from this mod so May the force be with all of you just remember to remember xNebulastarx (I might develop a software company in the future!) 

I'm going to miss this place. Good times, very good times. I've been here for about 3 years. Always loved speculating about the future and posting ideas I thought would make the mod better. Discussing the suggestions and interacting with the community was always fun, even more than actually playing for me sometimes, lol. I became staff completely out of nowhere at some point and used that power to help organize the community and help guide people seeking direction. I've definitely grown a lot from that experience. I wish I'd spent more time on the server and wished this mod still had a future, but you just have to accept good things ending sometimes. I do hope that someday SWDTeam may return to it or another developer can take over and create something even better than possible in the present possibilities.

I never inclined to being very social in my time here, but I appreciated those who did talk to me or try to interact with me in my time here and the overall kindness of the community. I'll definitely miss it.  I don't think I'll stick around as I have to admit my main draw was the mod itself. I'll probably lurk just for the chance situations may change. Goodbye though to everyone here, and may good fortune cross your future paths.

I don't have much to say. I don't have much memories from here.

It was nice and fun, I felt like at least some people do value and appreciate what I do.  I felt like I needed and was at least a bit important. I always felt a bit excluded in some areas, but it was okay, I didn't need to know about every topic in discussion. I had my own area which were custom interiors, building and etc. I did not have a important role in the community, in fact, I was more of a show-off. In contraposition to ArcPhoenix, personally I haven't grown with experience here (mainly because everybody seemed so scary. and ArcPhoenix, you were too fancy for me).  Yet, this community was (and can still be) a great place, comforting, cozy and etc. I just played Minecraft because of this great community.
I do hope that things will get better, sooner or later. Just let it take it's time.


SWD is not dead, it's just on hiatus.

Don't give up.

I cant believe its ending. Its over. I knew this was coming, but not so sudden. So, I must say a fond farewell to my friends, and to the the amazing community that was the Dalek Mod.  Over the years on the server I have made a lot of friends, and had so much fun on the server. I am crying as I type this, because the best of my time in minecraft was spent on this server. I hate to see it all die. My hope is that sometime, soon, someone will revive the mod, or at least the server, and DMU will arise anew. But until then, I hope to continue these friendships thru Discord. So, I say a semi-emotional farewell...................






Farewell, from your emotional friend and fan, Mendicant2



Discord: Username: Mendicant2       Number: 7014

Rip The dalek Mod I got some pictures ill upload later from my old computer that shows things from like january

https://youtu.be/UypWKQO8rzI i got as much footage from the beta server as i could, seen as thats the one i had the most beautiful memories on.

1WTC changed his mind. DM will continue and DMU will stay online.

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