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DMU Halloween Event 2018 (Event ended thanks for coming!)

Hello all, welcome to halloween 2018. As usual, we will be hosting an event to celebrate. BluerThanBluey, Lukeyspiderman and me will be hosting the event! Please find the details below.

When will it happen?

November 3rd, 4:15 pm GMT. (British time)


If you are unsure of your timezone, just use an online converter, or ask about it in the discord.

What and where?

The event will take place on DMU Public (1.12.2 Update 47)

Please note: That we don’t know when Update 48 comes on DMU so it might be Update 48 when the event is gonna happen but it can also still be Update 47.

The rules

All rules still apply - no spam, hacking, etc., unless the game rules direct you otherwise. (eg. you can break chests)


Feel free to leave any suggestions you may have about what games we could host, timings, or just anything about the event in general!
What will happen in the event?

You will have to go to different DMU towns to collect Dalek Pumpkins, what can these be used for? They can be exchanged to go into the Haunted Mansion (Note: if you want your town to take part then contact either Dutchbear, Bluey or Luke, it must have warp, this must be from the town owner) . The mansion has many rooms and many puzzles to complete.. For instance, parkour, mazes, death run courses etc. The winner will be whoever reaches the final room first. We will not reveal what the final room’s challenge will be, you’ll have to find out for yourself on November 1st. The prize for the winner will be getting to keep the mansion and have it completely refurbished. This will be the main event but there will be some other things as well. Such as a, halloween skin competition and a game where you have to be ready for combat or hide before a swarm of monsters comes. These will take place on the same day after the Haunted Mansion event. There may even be a third event. Stay tuned for more information in the near future.



Maybe you could host a chase game where a few people are selected to be hiders and everyone on the server has to try and track them down with clues and stuff and the winner could get a kind of treasure?


Wow Dutch this sounds like an amazing event, how will I join?

 You join when the event starts on the day and time. More information about this event will come probably closer to the event date.

Aww man we need a warp to our towns to participate I was gonna ask to have pumpkins inside Mos Eisly spaceport

Edited the thread: We miscalculated the date. Its now on november the 3th because thats on a saturday!

We could launch some spooky nuclear warheads at Utopia 

Wow Dutch this sounds like an amazing event, how will I join?

 Also this is the best thing I have ever seen. #AsSeenOnTV

Wow Dutch this sounds like an amazing event, how will I join?

 Also this is the best thing I have ever seen. #AsSeenOnTV

 it needs no battery's, it comes with its own solar charging server.

[Edited post next time don't quote the whole thread. And I changed 3th to 3rd. -Dutchbear16] Okay my dutch boy

Spooky Scary Skeletons. Were you have to survive the longest in room full of skeletons with nothing but a wooden sword. Winner gets a lifetime supply of bonemeal. 

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