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Ban Appeal

necraft username: Shandowlink11oo (IGN: The10thDoctor)

Why you were banned: I'm not entirely sure Creeper said that my cousin was using my account as an alt as he was banned before for griefing.

Ban duration: Perm

What were you doing last on the server: Building London ( My town )

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I was banned bc Creeper thinks this is my cousins alt account even though I've had minecraft longer than my cousin. I haven't broken any rules of which I know of and don't see why I have been banned literally every time I've been on DMU recently is building Tardis interiors and building London. I am 18 years old I come onto DMU to relax after work I have no reason to break any rules or have time for letting my cousin use my account the DMU is one of the things I genuinely enjoy playing especially as DW is back, I even applied for Trial mod for DMU as I enjoy the community and would love to help out as much as I can to keep the Dw fan base great whether in mc or real life. I have been speaking with my cousin who has told me that he has griefed and hasn't been on my account, Creeper said that there was evidence that my account is an alt but my account isn't. I am willing to add my provisional license as well as my conversation with my cousin to prove that my account isn't an alt and that the head admin or admins will see that I shouldn't have been banned.

My provisional license to prove that I'm 18 and not a child complaining or trying to lie my way out of a ban and so that the admins can actual talk to me about this like adults although I do not know how old all of the admins are and I'm sorry if any of them are younger than me I don't mean to cause offense. Sorry if its really big I haven't included my address for obvious reasons but if admins what me to pm them and show them the whole license then i'll do that. and there's both sides to prove its not fake.

with my cousin who's account is Ronbea 10 (I didn't know his account was banned until creeper told me on DMU) I can screenshot this if its easier.

Hey dude I've Just been banned bc you've been banned on DMU as apparently my account is an alt for yours anything to say for yourself?
I griefed on DMU and got banned by Dutch but idk why you were banned
Okay well I just got banned for apparently being your alt have you been on my account?
No I haven't I swear Idk your password, I only used my account I'm srry you were banned how long is it for?
You invited James River to join Messenger.
Perm banned bc your not allowed alt accounts on DMU
Okay have you made a appeal thing?
I'm just about to was seeing what you did first so I can see why I was banned for nothing
Okay I'm sorry tyour account was banned I kniw you like to play that after work and stuff I'm sure you'll be unbanned
Okay cheers for telling me
Chat conversation end


Type a message...


Finally i am friends with Cem who was recently banned on both the discord and DMU so if I have been banned for being friends with him I'll be disappointing as being friends with someone like Cem is hard and some people don't understand him but I shouldn't be banned for how he acts I don't know the whole story with him but i am not appealing for him to be unbanned or anything I'm simply saying that If I've been banned for knowing him that is wrong.


Okay that's everything thank you for reading all of this and talk to you guy's soon

Sorry Didn't think the fb chat would do that i Can screenshot and pm admins if it's easier to read


Your account, your responsibility.... That's the end of it.

And who the hell sends their "driving license" on a ban appeal?

Removed your driver license picture duo sensitive information, next time don't post those things on a forum page for a game its really sensitive and at this time of year people can easily do stuff with that information.



-Site Moderator

Okay (edited by Dutchbear16 next time don't say "k" to staff members.) Sorry

If you want to see the evidence PM me on discord(ThatCreeper#8754)
also i didn't say put your driver license in the ban appeal ?


I thought when i was explaining on DMU about the license you meant include it in my appeal thats my mistake for misunderstanding

Your appeal has been denied.

Ronbea10 and shadowlink11oo Are the same person, Same IP.
 You saw the evidence in PMs. You MAY Re-Appeal in the next 2 weeks, If you're going to keep saying that it was your cousin, i won't accept it.

Thread Locked.

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