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Cem's Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: Cem111333

Why you were banned: Not Sure actually  

Ban duration: Never

What were you doing last on the server: I wasn't on the server I was eating my snack

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): well I got a pm from matt known as Didgeridoomen saying that the staff wants to ban me and I was so confused it started on the 3rd of October and I am sorry for  being annoying and I am sorry all the hassle I am a different person to everyone else I don't think normal but I changed and that's all that matters :)

I don't believe you have changed, there is no way you have changed in a small amount of time. You have constantly annoyed staff which is true but not only that, you have recently insulted and threatened Matt in PM about your ban and you had been advertising your GMod server as yourself as a "staff" member on there in voice chats. 

That is really not acceptable to be honest...

Your ban appeal shall be denied.


so I am a little bit confused here I didn't break any rules so I don't know why my ban was fair so can you explain in a bit more detail pls that would be nice?

It is clear you did not read the rules on the discord server.....

Rule 12. Do not use this discord or the DMU Minecraft server to advertise any servers, mods or groups.

This was broken many times, referring to what i said previously " you had been advertising your GMod server as yourself as a "staff" member on there in voice chats. " this was the scenario.

Really, we as staff don't see any good reason for your return, therefore your ban appeal shall be denied.


but ramen I wasn't advertising my server at the time it was still locked still private and how was I advertising if I never mention "guys I got a cool gmod server pls to come and join" and also if I was advertising then I would give a link to the server but I never did and I wouldn't do stuff like that and also I was talking to my friend shadowlink11oo on the server like "moving to DarkRP etc" and the staff also banned Shadowlink11oo for no reason as well so basically my ban was unfair since didn't do anything wrong I never broke any rule and if your going to ban people ban people for a proper reason if it says no reason given then means its for no reason now do you get what i mean? 

Constant annoyance. I am leaving at that.


Thread shall be locked.

We had recently looked over your ban appeal again! There was no evidence suggesting to why your ban was extended over to DMU. I have now pardoned you on DMU but not the official discord server.



This thread has been locked.

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