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Six years of Dalek mod!

My favourite memory of the Dalek Mod... hmm...

...it's gotta be when Ambient City was blown up.

one of my favorite memories would definitely be the last Halloween event we had, In the jack o lantern contest i built a jackolantern i thought had no chance of winning after looking around at the other ones,  Then when it won i was really confused and thought they had the wrong person.

my favorite memeory was probably when i made my first custom tardis which was absolute crap and i still cant build today

Mine was getting trial mod...



Then I left




In all seriousness I don't have a favourite but hey 6 is my favourite number so yay dalek mod hap born existence womb exit thing

My favorite memory was coming to the DMU for the first time.

Becoming staff....
The Golden Age I like to call it (Back when the community was better and more mature)

ugghhh... A lot of stuff being blown up....

Banning people...

  • Making Friends on DMU
  • Building Towns/Helping people
  • Becoming staff..
  • In love with a player
  • Recording on DMU


I think mine was when I first played The Dalek Mod. When I first installed it I was like "Bruh this is gonna be so bad" and then U43 came out and I was like "Holy hell I will die for this mod" I made this amazing TARDIS for the first time, and I lost that one. It was so fun making TARDISes I just kind improved my skills from there. I always got annoyed how the TARDISes that came with the Dalek Mod didn't have cool functions light flashing lights, toggleable time rotors, an Engine Check or anything like that. So I just added them myself to each Custom TARDIS I make. Thank you Dalek Mod for the amazing time you've showed us for the past 6 years!

That time I made a bunch of Dalek Mod mob spawners outside my village and ran around like a moron…good times.

So, as everyone knows, I was on the site more than in game, so I chose moments from my time in the community, if that's alright.

In my time here, I've had a lot of fun making suggestions for things I'd like to see in the mod. All the positive feedback I received really encouraged me to keep posting, and I enjoyed seeing what others thought I should add in to my suggestions or perhaps where I should make changes.

I also really enjoy helping others, and I had a chance to do so, unofficially at first, but later as a Site Moderator and then as a Server Admin, which gave me more opportunity to help out anyone needing help.

I also have felt very welcome and appreciated in this community.

If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would probably be the time that two staff members stepped in when a banned player was trying to stir up trouble in a post I made in another community I'm involved in. That or when I was nicknamed "Atticus" by other staff members.


My favourite moments were: When I first got the Dalek mod for ModLoader for 1.5.

Joining DMU in 1.7.10.

Joining Alpha Squad and making all the wonderful friends I've made on here and DMU.

Spending time with those friends and the rest of the community.

I'd never trade a single second I've spent on DM, here and DMU for anything in the world. (Not even the bad ones I just regret a lot of the bad ones caused by me...) Thank you for making the Dalek Mod.

My favorite moment was the time my clones and I ate Matt's pizza. And drank his Pepsi. And blew up his house. Moo.

Honestly my favourite moments of the Dalek mod are: Watching all the mod reviews and update videos (for example UDWF1 and Doe Killer) playing the game just alone and joining the very first DMU world that had a big tree with a dome (old spawn) ooh and flying with beta tester rank that was awesome.


This mod is awesome it was pretty hard to choose my favourite moments so I will also write down that not only are these my favourite moments but all Dalek mod moments are my favourite, just playing it made me happy. Thank you for making the Dalek Mod and the DMU. (Oof does somebody still remember the old title screens?)

My favorite moments are:


  • Becoming staff in june 2016.
  • Hosting and co hosting events.
  • Becoming site Moderator.
  • Helping alot of people.
  • Created a bear cult on DMU.
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