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Six years of Dalek mod!

My favorite moments are:


  • Becoming staff in june 2016.
  • Hosting and co hosting events.
  • Becoming site Moderator.
  • Helping alot of people.
  • Created a bear cult on DMU.

my favourite moment in the dalek mod Is everything about it and when it stayed alive after it died and most of all everyone I have meet become friends with and talked to since I started playing the dalek mod


My favorite moments:

-Shane Building his Pig statue *wink wink*

-Being in Ramen's Tavern

-Stalking Sub & Sarah in their house

-The Shadow Proclamation Curious and I were working on ages ago. 

My favourite moments are:


- Becoming A staff 

- banning the bad bois

- Being in bob’s TARDIS with (almost) all the staff team

- Banning that guy who spammed with 5 alts on DMU 

- That day when i banned 5-6 people in 3 hours

My favourite would have to be watching the update video's but also the DMU Olympics as that was the first DMU event I have been part of  

Even though I hated them I also used to enjoy the weekly updates we used to do with Sam on Tuesdays. The stress and panic when we realised it was Tuesday and we hadn't even started the update and we had to make the update video and then get the update out a few hours later!


One of my other favourite memories was playing on jwdjwd's Dalek Mod server back in 1.6. Used to have a lot of fun playing with John, Luke and Khotarri, this was also when we started seeing a lot more of Matt!


I also think the DWCM partnership was fun, although it did seem like a very one sided partnership at times...


Finally I've enjoyed meeting lots of amazing people and to name a few:

  • John (RedDash16)
  • Matt (Didgeridoomen)
  • Luke (YouTuber02)
  • Khotarri
  • Sam (UDWF1)
  • Craig (Sub)
  • Henrik
  • Ronald (Dutchbear16)
  • Creepersayshi
  • Ace
  • Ed
  • Ramen
  • Josia50
  • Wicket
  • Sonic Daniel
  • Doe_killer
  • Arcphoenix
  • 50ap5ud5
  • Adam (Kaneras)
  • Ethosein
  • Blackadder
  • JDJG
  • Mew

There are so so so many more people I could include however my mind has gone blank! Sorry if I missed you out!

One final mention, even though you wont talk to me anymore, for whatever reason, George Kirkland (Timelord Gamer). Probably one of the best people I've met through the Dalek Mod, you were always so loyal to me and the team from the start, always so understanding, you were such an amazing friend.


My Favourite Moments Were :


  1. Building Huge TARDIS'es?
  2. Going On Discord And Getting Banned!
  3. Building A Mansion With Whovian_15..
  4. Making a Miniature TARDIS...
  5. Building a Golden Gate Bridge In Minecraft But Sadly Accidently Deleted It...
  6. Jumping Off Somebody's TARDIS

                                     Thats All Folks *Ga ha !*


My favourite moments were:


  • My favourite moments

I know this is kinda late but my memory was when I was young and discovered this mod and played it it was kinda before I became a big doctor who fanatic where I was Blown away by so much mobs and fun it was so fun i was wating for you guys to Countinue on your guys journey and hope to countinue on with this forever until the end of times and I still remember the old title screens oh boy good old days and also i put the sign when it was this mods birthday i put the sign saying happy birthday.


So thank you SWDTeam for this wonderfull adventure and hope to going along the ride with new people that just discovered this mod and the og's that had this mod and have fun with it so all i want to say is


Thank you.


My favorite memory was coming to the DMU for the first time.

 me too i was soo exited

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