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[Dalek Mod/Back to the Future Mod Suggestion] New Delorean Mechanics/Dalek Mod compatibility [Vehicles/Old Features/New Mechanics/Mod Compatibility]

The Delorean was once in the Dalek Mod as a reskin of Bessie and as an Easter Egg, 

Imo, it would be cool if it could be reimplemented to actually work, or that, when the Back to the Future Mod and The Dalek Mod are installed at the same time, the Delorean will have new mechanics.


Feature 1: Delorean Travel Across Time Zones When the Dalek Mod is present

Feature: A return of the Delorean in the Dalek Mod or new Mechanics for the Delorean available when the Dalek Mod is present.

Description of Feature: I've only seen the first Back to the Future, but I think it'd be cool if the Delorean came back to the Dalek Mod and was able to Time Travel.

Time Traveling:

  • Like in Back to the Future, the player should be able to set a "year" to travel to via a gui that opens when a certain key is pressed when inside the Delorean.
  • The Gui will be similar to the Planet Selection; however, it will only have time zones and only time zones for the planet you're on. (You won't be able to go to other planets, only time travel. Kind of like the Vortex Manipulator in the 1.7.10 version)
  • Once the player has set the time and whatnot, hitting a certain speed will initiate time travel.
  • The Delorean will always reappear at the same coordinates in the new Time Zone, just like the Delorean.

How Do you Suggest we Implement this into the Mod?: 

If the Delorean is put back into the Dalek Mod, pretty much what I said above.

If the Back to the Future Mod is updated instead, you could add in some code that makes it check for the Dalek Mod. If the Dalek Mod is not present, the code for time travel is left unused in game

What is the purpose of this feature?: 

I just thought it would be a pretty cool thing, and it would also allow a way for the Delorean to be able to time travel (Back to the Future Mod Delorean) or make it more than just an easter egg (the Dalek Mod Delorean)

Other Stuff I'd like to mention: 

  • The Upgraded Delorean seen at the end of Back to the Future; that would really be cool if it was added into the mod, especially if it has flight that can be activated by pressing a certain key
    • It should be a separate car than the original Back to the Future Delorean though, IMO.

Any Other Information:

  • The Delorean is not a Tardis. It will have no interior
  • But I'm not against the possibility of a separate variant being in the mod that DOES have  a kind of  console room varient, lol.
    • I'll have details on THAT Delorean shortly.

Feature 2- The Transdimensional Delorean (Delorean Varient)

Description of Feature:

  • When right Clicked on, instead of going straight into driving mode, you go into big room
    • In this room there will only be 2 functional blocks:
    1. The Door
      • for leaving Back out of the Delorean
    2. and the Drive Panel
      • which allows you to drive the Delorean
        • This works just like it would normally if it wasn't transdimensional.
        • The only difference is that shift brings you back to the Room

Obtaining this vehicle: The player must use a Time Vector Generator on his or her Delorean. It will work on both the Upgraded and Original Delorean

Notes Aout this Delorean: It will NOT be able to travel between dimensions or do coordinate travel. This is just a Delorean with Transdimensional engineering. Otherwise, it's a Delorean, not a Tardis.

In other words, it uses Delorean Time Travel Mechanics but just has the Bigger on the Inside of a Tardis

Special things about this:

  • Like the Tardis, removing the Time Vector Generator will change the Delorean back to normal, just like mentioned in the mechanics for the Time vector Generator here. Using a Time Vector Generator on a Delorean  that once was (but is no longer) transdimensional, will reconnect it to the interior it used to have

Feature 3- Tardelorean (This is neither Delorean nor Tardis. It's Delorean AND Tardis)


Description of Feature:

Rather than just being a Delorean that's bigger on the inside, the Tardelorean is an actual and equal combination of both a Tardis and a Delorean. It even requires Zeiton-7 for fuel, and this includes just normal driving

 Delorean Traits:

  • The Tardelorean can drive around like a car
  • It will use the flying mechanics of the flying Delorean if the flying Delorean was used to make the Tardelorean. 
  • Dematerialization will require hitting a certain speed while moving.
  • In Back to the Future the Delorean always reappeared in the same place it time traveled from, just at a different time. To reflect this, the player has to drive in the direction he or she wishes to go. The vortex kind of acts like a kind of slip or jump that kind of puts the Tardelorean out of space and time, hurls it in the direction it's already going in, and puts it back out.
  • Upon exiting a vortex, the Tardelorean will retain it's entrance speed and direction, just like in Back to the Future.

Tardis Traits:

  • The Tardelorean has an actual Console room. It has the monitor and whatever panels you might want. 
  • All motion is powered by Zeiton-7 Ore. Even just driving requires Zeiton-7 Ore
  • Using a Tardis key will make it drive itself in a attempt to try to reach the player. It will use space jumps as required and pathfinding.
  • The Tardelorean is Sentient. 
  • It can use HADS
  • The doors can be locked and unlocked with a Tardis Key.
  • The Tardelorean will use more Tardis flying mechanics if the non flying Delorean was crafted with it. In other words, it will kind of bob up and down while flying and won't really have any visible method of propulsion, unlike the Flying Delorean which has.... Jets if I remember right?

How Travel works:

  • The Tardelorean will be able to "space jump". 
    • Set the Coordinates
    • Driving in the direction you want to go
    • After hitting a certain speed, the Tardelorean dematerializes
    • After some time in the Vortex, the Tardelorean will reappear near wherever you set the coordinates, at the same speed you entered the vortex.
  • Time Travel
    • You choose a time Zone of the planet you're on in the Tardis Monitor
    • You must drive, hit a certain speed, and you'll reappear in that time zone.
      • You will retain position, velocity, and direction from wherever you traveled from
      • Whether you will go through a vortex like the Tardis does for this, or whether you just reappear in a different point in time, like the Delorean does,  haven't decided
  • Space Jump + Time Travel
    • This takes more energy than both
    • Steps
      • You Set the corodinates and time
      • Drive in the direction you want to go
      • After hitting a certain speed, the Tardelorean Dematerializes
      • After going through a vortex, you'll appear around where you wanted to be in the time you put in. Velocity and direction of travel stay the same.
  • Flight 
    • Flight and Driving modes are toggled via a key
    • With the Tardelorean based on the original Delorean
      • The Tardelorean will move a bit more like a Tardis
        • This does not mean that it will spin, but it will have no visible form of propulsion
        • While in flight, this Tardelorean will bob up and down and will make a sound that's a kind of a cross between a car engine and Tardis grinding
        • It will have about the same acceleration and traction of a Tardis while flying like this, but it will have a higher top speed
    • The Tardelorean Based on the "Upgraded Delorean"
      • This Tarddelorean will fly a bit more like the Delorean
        • This Tardelorean will fly with Jets and will accelerate much faster
        • It can fly like the "Jetless Tardelorean" when a certain button is pressed, and it can switch back when pressed again
  • Planetary travel (WIP)
    • This will require hitting a certain speed while ascending in flight.
    • After hitting a certain speed, the Tardelorean will go through a Vortex


  • I haven't decided yet. Perhaps it takes a Tardis, a Delorean, and one or two things special 

You could add a Delorean Exterion for tardises

I can't actually. This has been suggested by someone at iKingsSGC forums.  To suggest a Delorean extrerior here would be copying that idea.

This comment probs counts as necroposting(soz for that), but I do think this is a cool idea that could be done in the near future since we already have a timezone for the time travel part and zeiton for a power source and probably more in the future. If this were ever done into something more than an idea, then I would like this to be in some sort of an addon or plugin(as in the Dalek Mod plugin in the title of the mc screen) since most of the community wants the stuff unrelated to Doctor Who out of the mod, so ye

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