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xjaketheminerx (Dalek mod universe) ban appeal

Minecraft username: xjaketheminerx

  Why you were banned: no reason given

 Ban duration: perm ban

what were you doing last on the server:  probably trying to find my TARDIS (i had loads that kept on getting destroyed)

 Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):i wasn't told i was banned logged on to my a count after probably a year and a half of missing it and i have resonantly got back in to the show. I last played around when bill was named as the new assistant

the person who banned me was Zelotbe if you could help that would great



oh another thing i have had 2 warnings just to let you know.

if you find out why i was banned and think i shouldn't be allowed back on can i at least know why i was banned.

Hello xjaketheminerx,

Since the staff member who banned you has left the staff-Team i will handle your appeal.

You don't have to make 2 threads for one appeal. I have locked your other one.


You were banned for hacks , Anti-Knock-back and Flying.

You were perm banned due to the 2 warnings that were about "Going on a racist harassing attack against a user" + hacks.


We had a vote in staff chat ,  And were not letting you back on the servers.

Your appeal has been denied





Well i have no recall of doing this and i would like to know who reported me and the statement given so i can see why i was banned 


the only person i had a problem with is this guy in a pig skin because he killed me when i parked my tardis in his city by accident but this is when i first joined the sever and i never hacked and i would never hack


i would also like to know when i was banned



Please do not spam multiple messages , it's not needed.


1. No one reported you , One of our staff who now left has found you hacking.

2. You got banned 19/05/2017 (19th of May 2017)

3. That pig guy is no excuse in any racist comments.


Proof of you fly hacking and anit-knock-back :

Show content


- Josia50


look last year my WiFi was terrible and when i logged on to it i could barley move i enter the town or house and my computer crashed

Were disccusing this please wait , and what did i tell you.... Do not send 2 extra messages..



Since we don't really have proof of you using hacks , And we suspect it was the login lag too.

We will unban you now from the servers.


(Thread Locked)




This thread has been locked.

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