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[Discord ban appeal] Sky The Heck#6873

Discord account username and ID: Sky The Heck#6873

Why you were banned: 3rd warn reached

Ban duration: Discord bans are always permanent

What were you doing last in the discord: quite frankly other than the last few minutes, Not much. (Talking about the state of the sonic games after being told I reached my third warning, acting rude too.)

Any previous bans: one on beta a few years ago

Why you think you should be pardoned early: Its been quite a while, and reflecting on the last few months of my discord activity, I think that I've improved. Despite my slip-ups on the discord, (Recap: "space engineer yourself you lazy f, mentioning attacking another discord, and most likely more that I cant remember) And as Ramen has mentioned on my previous appeal, I should have been mature from the beginning, And I fully agree with his points. I completely agree that I should have acknowledged that I had 2 warns and I should probably have been more careful.

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