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Good bye, time to hop off this train!

Gonna make this short and simple. It's been a good but somewhat awful run in this community and as a former staff member. Reasons for leaving is I want to focus on other things like my health and education, i have exhausted myself doing this i guess, Minecraft doesn't really cut it anymore and old drama which i shall not discuss further. I don't think i will be returning anytime soon or even if the staff team would like me back xD I have had the honour to meet some good people and to teach a few staff members here, and I hope they become better staff members that were before them. Welp... That's it. Bye :3

Bye Ramen.

But I hope we'll see you sometime somewhere.

I would like to wish you a lot of success in future and get healthy soon.






First , I want to say that you were a great Teacher to me. Twice you have trained me to who I am now. I know the first time didnt go too well with me and since then i’ve changed. 


I want to wish you the best of luck with your studies and your health. I do hope to see you around again.


I don’t know what the current state is between us , but i’ll miss you and So will my ears ;)


- Josia50

Bye Ramen. I wish you all the best for your studies and your health.

I remember the first time meeting you. You were so nice and had somewhat of a relaxed yet serious attitude, I know we didn't always talk much especially after you left the staff team but your ideals for dmu were inspiring and I honestly don't think I would of became the staff member I am today without you. I still hope we can talk and interact because you aren't just a idol in a way to me but you are also an incredible friend and I really hope we can spend more time together and just have fun when you have breaks from studying. I will miss you but I know we can still talk whenever you are online. I hope your education is just as good as you wish it to be, Good luck studying!

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