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Can't join server

My ign is KCgames and I am unable to join the public server. Whenever I try to join, I am stuck on the "logging in..." screen. I have already restarted my game and my compute and I was also just on the server an hour ago so I know my mods are installed correctly. Please help.

Yeah I was experiencing the same problem all you have to do is read the following link to fix the problem : https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=4759

I've heard you can fix this by deleting your Dalek Mod config file. 
Afteryou've done that and still can't join, ask someone to tp you in #support on our discord.

I used the download and deleted the dalek mod config file but still have the issue, I think I just need to be teleported so I asked for a tp on discord, thx for the help

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