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IMC Thread (New)

What is the IMC?

The IMC is a sort of lab faction that exists on both Earth and Trenzalore.
We are currently working on expanding the Earth headquarters.


How do I join?

You can join by messaging me, Fuzzyleo, or Defiant.


Staff Tree


Leader: Whovian_15

Second in Command: Defiant, Fuzzyleo

IMC Earth Pictures 

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 IMC Pictures

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oh btw i am co owner u might have forgot

What are the coords my tardis was destroyed or something and I don't have the coords

oh btw i am co owner u might have forgot

What are the coords my tardis was destroyed or something and I don't have the coords

 we kinda made you not that btw

Yes, I am currently working on making this thread more organized including adding pictures.

Edit: Done

Yo but seriously whovian will you reply to me already I am trying to talk but u rnt on.



I'm aatholloway. Just wanted to let the leaders of this faction know  that I spoke with one of your members today, I believe it was ajminecraft. Defiant was also there. He was interested in a skyscraper I built on DMU Private, and presented me with an interesting proposition. So in collaboration with him, I am refurbishing my skyscraper into a new base of operations for the IMC on DMU Private. It is in a bit of an isolated part of the server, on one of the far edges of the spawn city, so contact me if you want to see it.


I am happy to offer my services to this faction, and I am interested in maybe becoming a member later. Please note though that I had to rebuild the back section, the floors aren't done, and we are in the process of changing the exterior walls into blue terracotta, along with changing the windows. Therefore, the back sections look a little misshapen. However, the entire structure is there, and renovating will continue to take place.

Also, I built several smaller white buildings off to the side of it, and since this is a lab faction, you are welcome to use them.


As owner of the building, I have one request, that I discussed with ajminecraft (Defiant may have been there too) The basement section of the skyscraper is to be left as is. I spent a lot of time working on a Classic Dalek Emperor, which I put down there, and I would appreciate if it were unchanged. I'll also use the basement as my new base, but since I originally intended for it to be a lab, if the faction wants more space, I'm open to discuss it. Thank you. Pictures attached...



We are currently working on Redoing the entire building and are finishing the walls, floors, and windows. However, the IMC Earth is still being created, this is new building is going to be known as the SWD city IMC.

Another update from my end:


So the basement area of the building will now be used as a sort of  IMC laboratory. The Dalek Emperor is staying, but I have added some functionality to it (whovian, Defiant,  and whoever else who wants to check these features out is more than welcome to). I won't go into much more detail here.


HOWEVER we will be adding a "secret" weapon of sorts. I have already built the trigger for it, but currently all it does is sound an alarm in the Emperor. I'm thinking (as was my original idea for the build before it was IMC) we make a missile silo. I've found a design I will try, but I have to remove the original location of the silo I had decided on, so ignore the "Secret weapon" switch if you do decide to check the underground out. Very WIP. However, we could make the missile silos as a back-up defense and make the weapon a different thing, but I would appreciate input.


I also added a meeting room on the side wall, as well as a sort of study / library in the Dalek itself.


On another note, we are redoing the floors in the main building again, as whovian and I decided the ceilings should be taller to make the rooms more accessible. More updates to follow soon.


Any suggestions, edits, and constructive criticism about the basement or the project as a whole (like an alternate suggestion to the super weapon) is more than welcome from the IMC community!

So we made an adjustment to the underground; the Dalek emperor  will be turned into the missile. Because I didn't want it completely destroyed, it has been w/e to another location. So the undergroud portion is now going to eventually house a rather large missile.


Again, any suggestions from the community is much appreciated. We still need do to more stuff in the basement, as well as above in the main building.

Hello, i am animecheezeYT. i would like to join this faction/laboratory i am part of TTSRL (The Time Space Research Laboratorys) and i am wondering how i join i dont know if you mean message on discord or here
i am VARY  good with redstone and i love science!

Yo whovian when you gonna get online so we could get that deal you proposed or is you never gonna respond to me.

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