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Ambient City

Hi all!


I'd just like to make a formal announcement that the old Ambient City is now claimed by Alpha Squad and is no longer free to be raided of blocks. It is an owned city so PLEASE DO NOT continue to raid it. If anyone is seen raiding it from now effective immediately then reports will ensue. Thanks,


Nusket. Head of Defence of Alpha Squad.

Can those who are still current residents of the OLD Ambient City can you please DM me on discord so we can discuss where to from here and maybe get your help for the rebuild. At least at this point and for the foreseeable future, you'll still be part of the city with no extra charges to you for your house. You will NOT be kicked out of your houses and or the town unless YOU choose to leave. We look forward to running this city that has been renamed Alpha City.  My discord is Nusket #5892 Please message me.


Nusket. Head of Defence of Alpha Squad and Co-Mayor of Alpha City.


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