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TheGodOfChickens // Tehc__ ban appeal [X-Ray]

Minecraft username: Tehc__ but I think it will need to be the username banned on - TheGodOfChickens

Why you were banned: X-ray

Ban Duration: Permanent

What you were last doing on the server: I do believe I was at ac (Ambient City) where I was told.

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick to the facts): I take full responsibility for my actions and sincerely apologize. I have let the server down, I have let my friends down, but mostly, I have let myself down. I promise I will never do this again. I have now realized that cheating [X-ray] makes the game unfair, and is a massive disadvantage to other players on the server. I am very sorry.

Hello there, 


My name is Cy and I am the member of staff who banned you from the server. You were removed for X-Raying which, on DMU, is classed as hacking. If you had read the rules as you were prompted to do often, you would know that hacking is punishable by perm ban. 


I have compelling evidence proving your offense including a confession from yourself after I confronted you. 




- Cy

I know for a fact this is against the rules, I was trying to cheat my way to the top. I also admit in the appeal that I was x-raying. I have read the rules may times. Again, I know that x-raying is bannable as it is on any Minecraft Server. I also know that you would require evidence to ban me. As you said, you have compelling evidence, which I know, by the way, I have admitted it multiple times in the appeal and I admitted on the server, where you caught me. Not once did I say anything about not x-raying. 

I am sorry for the delay in reply, please understand that it is the Christmas period. I'm thankful for your honestly and acknowledge that this is your first breach of the rules. However please do not try and deny your offense as the evidence pretty much confirms it. You will be unbanned on account of your cooperation but we will be keeping an eye on you. Please do not repeat this action.


Appeal accepted 


- Cy

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