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MC name:TTVanimecheese Reason: Griefing & Hoppering chests Time: 4 days

MC name TTVanimecheese

i was banned for griefing and hoppering chests 

Length 4 days (1/1/19)

Last thing i was doing was rebuilding  my Tardis interior 

why i think i should be unbanned early:

their were 2 bans griefing and hoppering chests the first one was becouse i was gathering some stuff i left at a bunker i was useing and i when to get it and i was accused of stealing but those blocks i grabbed took me 1 hour to get and i was bullyed in to giving them to the bunker owner

and i was reported for "Griefing" and then i left...



the second as for the hoppering chests... 

i have know idea what that is....

and i want to know what it is so i can stop it happening to me... and my friends

Hello TTVanimecheese,


You did indeed grief 12 lapis blocks and if you craft those into ingots, that's a lot of lapis. There is clear evidence of you stealing the lapis blocks and hoppering the chests. Yet you're denying this?

Hoppering chests is when you break the block underneath a chest and replace it with a hopper to empty the chest's contents. 


i have no memory of stealing lapis blocks you can search my tardis and inventory...

also it could be that 2 years ago i was in a bad car accident ((faburary 1st 2016)) with a dubble broken jaw and broken nose with a concussion ever since than i have had memory loss so thare is a chance it could have happend and dont remember... and who was the one that seid i did?just asking...but im scared of being perm banned its the worst thing that could happen to me but if you dont believe me i understand... the least i ask is a shorter ban time....

btw when i posted this it was the 29th about 7 hours ago im in amarica..

 The first one is in Bunker Alpha, and the second I assume is someone's base

thare was 2 or 3 rooms in bunker alpha i couldn't access and i dont know whare in da heck the base mite be..

Well there is proof showing that you hoppered and stole the lapis blocks.

i have to go to bed its 3 am i can finish talking tomarrow....but for you it will be later today..

Since the ban is not permanent is only 3 days, this appeal will be denied, there is clear block logged evidence of you doing this.

Appeal Denied


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