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[Suggestion] Adjustment of the Suicide Dalek Spawn Rate

 Name of Feature: Suicide Dalek Spawn Rate

Description: A button in the options Menu which would allow you to make it so that suicide Daleks do not spawn in the world.

While disabling suicide Daleks from spawning, it would allow other mobs to spawn, unlike Peaceful Difficulty.

Lore/Brief Background:

How does this affect gameplay: I have seen a lot of destroyed homes on DMU Public which were destroyed by Suicide Daleks. I also know that this is one of the reasons why DMU Private is on the Peaceful difficulty.

Any other information:

I believe that this would make things a great deal easier on DMU Private and DMU Beta, as it will save the staff members looking through block logs only to find that it was a suicide Dalek, that destroyed the person's creation/house. Therefore it would be easier to find actual griefed builds.

To my knowledge they should already be disabled. Unless something has changed between updates. I will take a look into this for you.

I am not for sure if the explosions are disabled, But i know that they still spawn. I Saw one last night as i was moving the train away from shop.

I think this would be a good idea for DMU Private as well, so that suicide Daleks do not blow up buildings, but other mobs can still spawn.

I know there *should* be options to disable the spawning of the entities. If there isn't I'll have a look at getting this fixed. I admit I have seen a few too many suicide Daleks on DMU

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