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Doctor Who Series 12 Discussion and Speculation

I just finished the New Years special today. I want to know what everyone's expectations and hopes are for the next series. This can also be a thread to discuss any news that releases about the series as time goes on, in spoilers of course.

Regarding the New Year's special,

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I'm particularly intrigued by the fact that UNIT is currently suspended in operations. It explains why we haven't seen them much lately. I'm curious of what the consequences of this will be and whether or not we'll see them return in the next series or if they'll be replaced by some new agency or even just return with changes to the internal structure. Imagine if it's rebuilt under a new leadership and redefined purpose acting in a sort of moral grey area and butts heads with the Doctor frequently, basically undoing all the progress Kate Stewart made within UNIT. Will we see Osgood and Kate Stewart again if UNIT does return?

yes I think we will see them again in series 12 or maybe 13. just because its currenly suapended doesn't men we will see them again maybe in series 12 they might bring forward UNIT again to help the doctor out and maybe see them together fight a old monster or even UNIT doesn't return the door is still open for Kate Stewart to make a underground UNIT with the help of the doctor or Osgood

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