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[DMU Grief Report] (AGAIN) (Not the same one) Good god Tardis Parking lot Griefed Again!

IGN: Dacord/theNean in chat.
Location: Same as the last one, at a tardis parking lot near /warp wild. but wait, there's more!
Turns out someone now has decided to also grief someone else's little shop near by here. Here are screenshots:


(parking lot)

Also as you can see in the above image, there's a dirt pillar there. I doubt that's mine, but there might be some blocks missing there, but don't worry about it it's nothing. Thanks in advanced!

I'm just gonna fix it manually I just want the person banned I don't care about the blocks back thanks.

This is the not the same thread as the old one, please someone read this. That would be appreciated.

A staff member already dealt with the player but they forgot to reply here.
The player is already banned for griefing another places as well.

Issue solved, griefer has been punished.


Thread locked

This thread has been locked.