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this is my tardis so... yeah.


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In my opinion, it could be a bit bigger. Otherwise, it looks great.

i will be making more rooms and hall ways, the more you go into the TARDIS, the older it seems to be. there will be an eye of harmony all old, and there will be a be bed room somewhere, a clothing room, and the halls will be like a maze of sorts, i will also make the room where when the doctor doesn't have a "good time" with the regeneration process like that one episode with the 5th doctor. also i have ideas for the Dalek mod, like finding the TARDIS key on a pyramid in the desert, and if you surround that key with steel or iron, it will become the classic hand made TARDIS key, and there could be more halls and rooms. that is it for now, I will update it later good bye.

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