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The server currency switchover

The server currency switchover from iron to credits has not gone smoothly because of 2 reasons


1. Credits are unobtainable, you cannot get them in any way


2. The server gets switched to peaceful every like 30 mins so even if we could get credits from the way we've been told (mobs) it wouldnt be for very long


Here are some solutions


1. Make mobs drop credits, all of them including vanilla mobs. Looting should improve chances and dalek mod mobs should drop them more often as they are rarer and harder to kill


1a. Add an iron > credits shop sign so users like myself who have large ammounts of iron specifically for the shop can convert them into the new currency, only keep this sign up for 2-3 days and remove the 2010 tardis from the shop while this period is taking place


2. Place a command block clock setting the difficulty underneath spawn



Please fix this issue soon as the shop is currently completely unusable


Fixing this on the server tomorrow. There was a bug in the dalek mod which was preventing the credit drops 

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