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Illegal warps/ Permissions error

There is a severe problem I need dealt with. Someone has been putting warps into my tardis. The rank SWDbae has the /setwarp command. I honestly have no clue who set them but I need them removed and the permissions need to be fixed. This is compromising the security of every tardis. 

You think we don't know this?

This is a massive problem, but 1WTC has done nothing to address this, and he even removed the /delwarp command for staff in the last update for SWDEss.

So we have no way of dealing with this. At all.

A bit of honesty, we're having massive problems with the servers at the moment, TARDIS memory leaks, greifing etc, we'll start looking into this problem and the rest as soon as we can.

I will say the discovery of these warps was insane due to the fact that when they were created only me, Nexus, Ender, and a few others were on. 

Luckily 1WTC added Delwarp back. Sadly, only admins get it

Now that /delwarp is added back, you should put solved in this forum name

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