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Favorite Doctor

my Favorite doctor is 11th


Favorite Companion Donna Noble


Favorite Episode the the Eleventh Hour

my Favorite doctor is doctor strange


Favorite Companion Will smith


Favorite Episode the empire strikes back

Favorite Doctor: Doctor Phil

Favorite Companion: Doctor Oz

Favorite Episode: Spaceballs 2: The search for more money

Favorite Doctor: Doctor Hicks, my pediatrician.


Favorite Companion: Marvin the Paranoid Android


Favorite Episode: Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Avalanche!




Favourite Doctor: Doctor Who


Favourite Companion: Dio Brando


Favourite Episode: We're off to kill the Joestars! Part 4

Favourite Doctor: Dr. Ramsay


Favourite Companion: Lamb Sauce


Favourite Episode: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE??!??!?

Favorite  Doctor: Phil Swift


Favorite Companion: Bucket That Got Cut In Half


Favorite Episode: Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE & Flex Tape 2: THE FLEXENING


Favourite Doctor: Zaphod Beeblebrox


Favourite Companion: rubber Rubber RUBBER


Favourite Episode: Death to the Cows

Favorite Doctor: Dr. Brian May

Favorite Companion: Dwight K. Schrute, Assistant regional manager*

Favorite Episode: The Office: A.A.R.M.


*Assistant to the regional manager


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