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[DMU Ban Appeal] FranticDefuser: x-raying

Minecraft Username: FranticDefuser

Why you were banned: X-raying

Ban duration: Forever

What you were last doing on the server: Mining

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I understand I shouldn't have done what I did if I am unbanned I will never x ray again, I understand if this appeal is denied.

Hello FranticDefuser,


If you have read rules you should have known that Xray isn't allowed and would result in a perm ban. 

But you knew this , As you kept lying/hiding that you were using it...


When i asked for the files you were still lying to me even when we had clear evidence of it.

You persisted for 20 minutes not knowing how to send files. but eventually you did it..

And we have confirmed that you indeed used a Xray rescource pack.

(Which you also denied of having)


Lying will always make it worse , it will lower your chances on an appeal for it to get accepted.

I get that you didn't want to get banned. but this wasn't a smart move as you may notice.


Your appeal will be denied.

You can appeal again in a few weeks from now.




It took 20 minutes due to the fact I didn’t know how to send the file or anything as I am new to modding and using files like that

To be honest , you said you could send pictures , it's the same as sending a file.. And you also send me a file so you have proven you could do it . But you just send the wrong one and then you went back to saying you don't know how to send a file.

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