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Ban Appeal

Username: SunDatPun

Length of Ban: Forever

Banned By: ThatCreeper

Why should you be unbanned???: At the time I didn't think about my actions and I disagree with them. I would like another chance to prove I can behave, if not I will leave again for awhile and await for a better time. I was banned for being a Nuisance (which is awful of me) and would like to return, Any more details I can add, Thank you for your time :)

Yes I am SunPlayz, and its been clear since I've been SunDatPun for months now... I am more mature than I was 5-ish months ago, for example, I regret most of my decisions as I now realise consequences, I tend to take my actions more seriously and Disable In game chat if I need to calm down (only turned on again if /warp or etc. And no it doesn't show comments inbetween). I promise this time, Please let me come back



Its hard trying to get unbanned isn't is SunDatPun hope you get back in good luck (:


Its hard trying to get unbanned isn't is SunDatPun hope you get back in good luck (:


 Yeah it kinda is, trying to go back to a server where most can decided if its better to have you there or not, Just to make a point out, Only Staff can respond to Ban Appeals so you shouldn't really do this much

Pretty sure you're that SunPlayz bloke who got plenty of warnings and bans in the past, what's meant to make us think you'll be any different this time?

 I forgot to Press the Reply button, Sorry! Just want to make sure its known I've replied

Like what Fril said.
You got too many warnings and bans in the past. pretty sure you have mentioned that you changed and you will follow the rules in a old appeal.
You got too many chances tbh but you didn't change. why would we believe you this time.

Your appeal has been denied.

This thread will be locked.

This thread has been locked.