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ban appeal

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[dmu appeal] ItsGalaxySteve & ItsTimeSteve {my usernames were changed from ben_the_doctor and bendave62}


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Minecraft username:ItsGalaxySteve & ItzTimeSteve

Why you were banned:1st one idr 2nd one i was trolling the players 3rd one for using a alt account p.s i lost my main account password at the time i am typing this

Ban duration: forever

What were you doing last on the server:

trying to tell a friend i was on a alt because i was banned for trying to get help on my main account and it is mean and unfair to ban me for trying to get help please unban me and on my main account i was trying to ask for help and i was told that i was harassing them when i was not through /msg and i was just trying to get help with some stuff please unban me

Hey There. 
Sorry for the late reply.

You were perm banned for claiming to be a SWD Member. Then you came back on the server with ALT accounts and thats not allowed. It is a way to bypass the ban. 
Since the staff member who banned you left the staff team and you got banned along time ago, You will be unbanned from the server with one final chance. Make sure to read /rules.
Breaking the rules again will result in a perm ban.

Thread Locked. 

~ThatCreeper (Ultra-Admin)

This thread has been locked.