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[Dalek Mod Suggestion Compilation] Merchant Suggestions Thread[Merchants/Npcs]

Full List of Suggestions

Already in the Thread

  1. Jelly Baby Merchant (Timelord)
  2. Whovian Kid (Villager)
  3. Osgood (Human)
  4. Professor Marius (Human)
  5. Dr. Who (Human)
  6. The Doctor (Renegade Timelord)
  7. Ace (Companion)
  8. Currency Exchanger (WIP) (Unknown Species/Villager)
  9. Horticulture Merchant (Timelord)
  10. Thal (Petrified Forest Skaro)
  11. Uncraftables Merchant
  12. Tardis Furniture Merchant
  13. Baker Villager

To be added Soon

  1. Time Lord Merchant (I'll have a few ideas. One of them will be Coral)
  2. Drax (In a very WIP state. I may wind up making him a companion instead)


Merchant 1- The Jelly Baby Merchant

See this thread here: Link


Merchant 2- Whovian Kid

Spawning: Has a chance to spawn in villages


Goods: Sells Statues of the Doctor


Based On: Child Villager


Payment (I may change this): Sweets (Cookies and Jelly Babies) and emeralds  in addition to either credits, enemy drops, or Doctor based clothing


Why a Kid?: I felt a kid vendor would be cool. Consider that kid merchants in mods are a scarcity and nonexistant in vanilla Minecraft. This would make this a really unique feature and also allow for a unique form of payment


Other things: If the player uses one of the  Doctor's pieces of clothing on the kid, or trades it, the kid will wear it. If he has one or more head/torso pieces, he will change to a random one every now and then.


Breeding: This Villager will not become an adult, and is unbreedable

Merchant 3- Osgood


  • Unit Headquarters (sometimes, but not always)
  • Number of Osgoods that can spawn at a time (0-2)
  • Only Spawns during the initial Generation of the structure. She will not be replaced if she dies.


She will trade the player pieces of the Doctor's clothing (perhaps with a few enchantments to make them special. Idk whether or not clothing is normally enchantable, but if not, this would make hers very special) that are not usually obtainable via an other method and perhaps also a few of the Doctor's Statues. 



Undecided at the moment



Osgood does not Breed.

Merchant 4- Professor Marius


Lore: Professor Marius was the creator of K9 mk I, and thus the first to have ever made a K9. I assume that the following K9s (the one made by the Doctor and the one some Time Lords mentioned they could make to replace Leela's) were just based on his design, but I need to check whether this is true or not.


As Seen in: The Invisible Enemy






  • He will sell something that will be used in most models of K9
  • He will also sell something that will be used to craft K9 mk I specifically


Other Stuff:

  • This suggestion wouldn't work without JPA9233's K9 Crafting Suggestion. Check it out here.


Spawning: Undecided atm. In the show, he was at a sort of medical center in space, but returned to Earth at the end of the serial.


Merchant 5- Dr. Who (WIP)



  • Has a low chance of spawning in villages.
  • He will always spawn with a Tardis which cannot be used by the player.
  • A village can have a maximum of one Dr. Who
  • Dr. Who will only spawn during the initial generation of a village. 


As Seen in: The Dalek Films as well as a comic or two


Why him?: What makes Cushing Who notable is that he actually made his own Tardis (from scratch). This makes a big difference when compared to the Doctor, who stole rather than built a Tardis himself (sure the Third Doctor tweaked with it a whole lot and 11 put together the junk Tardis, but both had things to start out with. Again, Dr. Who built his Tardis from Scratch and without prior knowledge of Tardises).


Wares: he will sell a few useful items, but that's WIP atm



Emeralds (at first)

Credits (after he has Dematerialized at least once)


Special Behaviors: 

  • After a certain amount of trades, he will go into his Tardis and teleport to some random dimension and time with completely random coordinates. He will usually reappear at surface level wherever he lands, rather than being underground.
  • If the player somehow manages to find a Dr. Who that has taken a trip in his Tardis before, he will usually have more goods in his wares. Perhaps what gets added will depend on what planets and times he has traveled to



Dr. Who is unbreedable

Merchant 6- The Doctor

He is over all WIP and I may change my mind about how to include him. He is, overall, a BIG feature in himself, so I won't go into much detail on him now. I will only focus on the possible goods for certain incarnations for now rather than really going into detail on each incarnation himself


 All Doctors:


The Doctor will not breed



  • WIP.
    • I'm thinking there will be a way to find them randomly
    • There will be a special item you can craft...
      • I haven't exactly decided just what the item is yet tbh....  I'm thinking a clock with the , hands pointed at a certain number (ie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc)
      • It will be crafted from these really rare pieces which can only be found in Dalek Mod structures
      • Which Doctor you get will depend on which variant of the clock is crafted. I'm still deciding on how the variants will be made (It may be random. Idk yet)
      • The clock will be 1 use only
    • The Doctor will hang around for a bit after being summoned
      • I haven't decided exactly what will cause him to leave, but I'm thinking....
        • After a certain amount of time in game (short. perhaps about 1-12 hours), he will summon his Tardis and take off
        • After a Certain amount of trades he'll take off
        • After a certain amount of real world time, he will despawn (12-48 hours)
        • After taking one hit (or after losing a certain amount of health, he will summon and run into his Tardis
    • If spawned using a spawn egg in creative, he won't leave
      • I'm also considering a way to keep him long term, as well as a way for short term. The long term version will (however) likely require more time and resources to create.


Spawning, Behavior, Regeneration, mechanics.....:

  • Very undetermined atm. As I said, I'm only focusing on the goods atm



  • Each Doctor will have a "special ingredient" in his wares. When this Special ingredient is included in a Base Sonic Screwdriver Recipe, console recipe, or Monitor Recipe, the respective item will match whichever Doctor's ingredient you included. 
  • They will likely also sell certain possesions of the Doctor that are not sold by the Whovian Kid or Osgood and cannot be obtained otherwise
    • For example, Tardis Chairs if Recipies are not added for them


Credits, or perhaps something more unique. Like rare Mob Drops perhaps


Fourth Doctor

Appearance: The Fourth Doctor will wear his Burgundy Outfit (His last outfit before Regeneration, as seen in Leisure Hive). I feel it makes the fact that he has most of his scarf designs a bit more sensible since, at this point of his life, he has already had most of his scarves


  • A special ingredient that allows for crafting of K9 mk II
  • A special ingredient that allows for crafting of K9 mk III
  • He won't sell Jelly Babies. See Jelly Baby Merchant above for details on that
  • Maybe an easter egg referring to the Dorctor Who Discovers (as seen in The Kingmaker.) books the Fourth Doctor Wrote, but original and short things. Perhaps on topics related to Minecraft and the Dalek Mod, like Doctor Who Discovers: Potion Brewing or Doctor Who Discovers: Enchanting. There will only be a limited amount of information on things regarding the Dalek Mod. Handles will be a better source of information on those Topics.
  • He'll sell the Varients of his Scarf that may come to Update 43. See TheTwelfthDoctor's post here.

Sixth and Seventh Doctors

  • Each will sell his respective umbrella if neither is craftable
    • The Seventh Doctor's umbrella is already in the Mod, but Sixth's can be added as a reskin of Seventh's (with the handle changed though)

Tenth Doctor


  • A special ingredient that allows for crafting of K9 mk IV
  • One way of getting a Tardis Coral Piece (can be grown in tilled Gallifreyan dirt into Tardis Coral) at a VERY high price

If the Doctor is able to Regenerate:

  • He will need to be killed twice to become the 11th Doctor
  • The first death will spawn a second Tenth Doctor who can't regenerate. He will have the nametag "Meta-Crisis Doctor"


Other Stuff:

  • This suggestion wouldn't work without JPA9233's K9 Crafting Suggestion. Check it out here.



Merchant 7- Ace

See this thread here: Link

Merchant 8- The REALLY Strange Currency Exchanger



Spawning: Spawns in villages, but at a low chance. A VERY low chance.


Appearance: They look like villagers, but... There's something just a bit "off" about these guys.... (I haven't decided what yet, but trust me. They are not from Minecraftia. They are really just disguised as villagers. Of course, this will not be actually stated in game.)


Goods: They will give the player Emeralds for a number of Credits and Credits for a number of emeralds. (I haven't decided upon a conversion rate yet.)


Based On: Villager


Special traits:

  • Overall Durability
    • A lot of things that would normally attack a villager... Just don't attack him.... It's odd, but who knows why they just go right by him.
    • He has more health, defense, or some kind of natural regeneration.
    • Explosions actually heal him, oddly enough.
    • He also has a pretty good defense if being attacked by an Ender Dragon.
    • If knocked off an edge, and he has only lava or no blocks below him, he can teleport to a higher and safe location
    • He can be on fire for a good amount of time without being hurt. 
    • He can be underwater for a really long time without drowning
    • Mostly these things are because of how much a player may want to convert between currencies for the purpose of buying things from villagers or extraterrestrials.
    • He has 6 lives too.


  • He will make the villager sounds sometimes, but different. I haven't decided how, but I'm thinking either...
    • Slower than normal
    • at a lower pitch
    • Slightly distorted
    • backwards

Merchant 9- Horticulture Timelord


Spawning: Spawns in Gallifreyan Citadels or maybe some kind of attached Indoor Garden Room.

Goods: The Hoticulture Timelord sells goods to aid in the nourishment, growth, and care of crops and Tardis Coral

  • Special Water
    • Makes crops grow a bit faster
  • Special Fertilizer
    • Makes Tardis Coral Grow Faster
  • Special Dirt
    • Protects crops from falling apart when jumped on
  • Special Gardening hoe
    • Whatever grows will produce more food (unless it's Tardis coral)
      • A pumpkin can even grow a second pumpkin from one stem



 Merchant 10- Thal (Petrified Forest Skaro)

See this thread here: Link


 Merchant 11- "Uncraftables Merchant"



  • Unknown


  • They will be a new incredibly rare generating shop structure (A lot like the SWD Mart on DMU). Which planet? 
    Idk yet


  • They will mostly sell items that cannot yet be obtained legitimately in survival through crafting, other merchants, or else.
  • The Uncraftable Merchants will be a bit like Villagers in that they have "professions" and each item a single merchant sells will be related to the others the same merchant sells.
  • Not EVERY unobtainable item can be acquired through them. For reasons, SWD Team may just not want some things obtainable in survival yet.
  • Perhaps their wares will differ depending on what planet they spawn on.
  • Unlike most other merchants, these merchant would likely have a pretty mercurial pool of ware choices, changing each time an item can be obtained legitimately in survival.


  • Credits
  • Emeralds


Merchant 12- Tardis Furniture Merchant


  • Timelord


  • They will be a new incredibly rare generating shop structure (A lot like the SWD Mart on DMU). Which planet? 
    Idk yet



  • Chairs
  • Hatstands
  • Floor Gratings



  • Credits
  • Emeralds (For the Hat Stands)


Merchant 13- Baker


  • Villager



Wares or things he might buy from the player:

  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Chocolate Cake

  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Bread
  • Milk (He keeps the Bucket)


  • Emeralds

 merchant 14 by soapdud ~ 2015

add kangaroos because deh bounce bounce bounce and deh funny!! xdddd!!!' boing boing boing!!!!




 I'm open to suggestions on how to improve things and critiques and opinions on my ideas. If you have any of those, feel free to comment below

I forget. Is the 6th Doctor's Umbrella or 7th Doctor's Umbrella in one of the versions of the mod? I've forgotten tbh

I forget. Is the 6th Doctor's Umbrella or 7th Doctor's Umbrella in one of the versions of the mod? I've forgotten tbh

 It's the 7th's Umbrella, back in Update 39 for 1.7.10.

I forget. Is the 6th Doctor's Umbrella or 7th Doctor's Umbrella in one of the versions of the mod? I've forgotten tbh

 It's the 7th's Umbrella, back in Update 39 for 1.7.10.

 Thank you. I updated the post

I've added a new merchant. Emeralds to Credits and Credits to Emeralds, he's your guy

So, did I go overboard with the currency exchanger? I feel like I might have. XD

Nah. He is great as is. One thing. Please do not make the trades a ripoff. 20 Emeralds for 2 Credits will get that guy killed with extreme hate and prejudice.

Lol it wouldn't be. One emerald is more valuable than one credit. But again, I still need to decide on an exact conversion rate. 

New Merchant:

Uncraftables Merchant.


I'm not sure how I feel about him though. 
Opinions or suggestions on him?

 I've added a few new Merchants.


The Baker and the Furniture Merchant

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