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[DMU Ban appeal] AI_Computer: Inappropriate builds [Perm]


Minecraft username: AI_Computer

Why you were banned: Inappropriate builds

Ban duration: Perm

What were you doing last on the server: Re-placing Josia's console as I accidently broke it

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):


Okay so, the 'Inappropriate builds' were not acceptable, I understand that now. But they were build in a private area, no one even knew about this besides Josia and myself. If I built them in a public place where people saw then I would understand why. But all I was doing was making a joke with Josia about sprucing up his TARDIS because my TARDIS looks, it was a small inside joke. They were there for not even three minutes before I destroyed them without being told to do so, because it was just a stupid joke.



The console in Josia's TARDIS I broke by complete accident, it was invisible to me and I didn't know what it was and I hit it and it broke, I replaced it though and no damage was done.


The  Inappropriate build in _AngelaZiegler's TARDIS I did was one time, as again just a stupid as joke with a friend, just her and myself saw, and she broke it. Just me having some fun with a friend.


I understand why I am banned, I see that my mistakes were not appropriate. I shouldn't do those things even if its just a joke with a friend. It was incredible how stupid it was, and I'm sorry. If I am to be pardoned I can a-sure you, something like this will never ever happen again. 




 Temmie_Raul please don’t comment on Ban appeals unless you have anything useful to add that may contribute to the appeal decision.



-DMU Moderator 

Hello Tommy,


The reason of your ban is as follow:


1. Your misbehavior has been here for the past few years and it never changed. You had too many getaways and too much warnings then you should have. You kept saying you change but at the moment I don't see any differences. And last but not least, inappropiate buildings in private places doesn't mean its allowed its still against the rules.


2. You had also too much warnings on the SWD Discord and got kicked/banned multiple times but still didn't change.


I understand you wanna change, but for now I don't believe it since this has been like this for 2 or 3 years maybe longer. So for now your appeal has been denied.


I will leave the thread open for a respond.



-Ultra Admin

I feel like the reason I've said that I'm going to change but didn't is because I never really had a proper reason to as I don't think I have been put in a place of a perm ban. I also do feel like I have been put in this mind set where I can just get away with anything, which is really disgusting. I know I'm not very nice or smart and I tend to do the stupidest things. If I could be given a trial, if I could be pardoned for 1 month to prove to you that I can and will change, if I do not change or my behaviour reverts back after the 1 month, I will gladly accept a perm ban with no appeal both server and discord.


Now I know you don't have any reason to do this, or any trust in me to change my behaviour, but I honestly do think we can make this work. I've been part of this community for years now, I've made friends that I don't want to lose, if I can be given this last and final opportunity, I can swear to you I will change. This really does feel like a wake call for me, but all I ask is one last chance to prove I can change for the better.

Very well. I will pardon you and will give you 1 month to prove you can follow the rules. Breaking a rule within the month will result back in a permban.



Ultra Admin

This thread has been locked.