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Its time to tell the truth... (SUB 1WTC DIGERIDOOMEN)

Ive decided to put my days on DMU to a rest. To some of you I was probably not your favourite person to be around but to others idk... maybe I was. Over the years that Ive played on DMU ive accomplished many things. I was the first to build the wayne enterprise and to be known as one of the most dominant faction to some. Ive been in wars. ALOT OF WARS. Ive  killed a lot of people. Ive killed a lot of factions believe it or not. Ive decided that now would probably be the best time for me to finally close the laptop and put Minecraft to a rest. Yes I am leaving the DMU. But ive also held this secret with me for quite a while now and ive been waiting for this day to finally come. 


There is nothing left for me now that john has  decided to quit modding so I might aswell tell you all the truth. Who am I? I started playing the dalek mod as a kid that didn't know better. A kid that was so full off aggression. I was a troll and ive been playing  DMU before it  was even public. I was once what they call an "SWDBAE". Ive even done a lot of bad things back then and ive made a lot of regrets. So whatever you guys do now is in your hands. But my real IGN is SugaryDoghnut. Idk if it comes as a shock but I remember keeping a promise back then that I can fully say that I regret. I threatened to DDOS the server. I had the capabilities of doing it. But back then all I ever wanted to do was play the dalek mod with other people. Before I was even an annoyance to the ex staff I just wanted to be treated normal and not mocked or bullied by a staff member known as "Wyatt" for short.  Its been years for me to even remember his full IGN but back then was when I actually started to have a passion for building because I was an SWDBAE who had the privileges to go on creative and build. During my time as SugaryDoghnut I wasn't taken seriously because of my IGN to be honest. Back then every single staff would mock me except thetwelfthdoctor. For that he has gained my full respect. Due to me not being taken serious I wasn't able to report any crime to the staff back then because I kept  being ignored. So it actually came to the point where I would eventually start causing trouble to get their attention. I remember destroying builds thinking I was smart and leaving clues xD little did I realise that a plugin was already installed showing whos been placing or breaking blocks XD. At that point john actually messaged me on skype. We had a heated argument which resulted me in a ban. This was when my aggression started to take place because at this point I made a new Minecraft name which undergoes by the name of _Bane_ at least from what I know. At this point DMU had finally been released onto the server. I was up to no good. I carried on misbehaving. Killing, slaughtering and even torturing players to the point where I actually had a war and one of the staff members made me a war contract that I signed with any faction I wanted to go into war with. This came to an end at which the wargod myself was banned because of many reports made by me. I later came back with a new Minecraft name Batman2_2. The only difference was with this account there was a change in the server. Everyone seemed more friendly. Infact if im honest Bob3636 was probably one of my favourite staff  members. I made a lot of friends with this account. Made a successful faction. Made a lot of builds like the batcave, stark tower, wayne manor and even a faction known as the Hero Of Six xD but one thing wouldn't change and that was endless battles id have with the daleks, Poltergiest and a few names that ie forgotten loool. Looking back to how far I came I can actually see that I was a complete troll but for some reason with this account I actually learned that not everyone's the same. Theres nothing left for me on this server anymore so if you wish to ban me you can but ive had a blast and me coming forward telling the truth makes me proud of who I am today. A WAR GOD!


To the people of DMU, Wayne Enterprise and the Hero Of Six and Justice League!. I bid you all a farewell and for some reason if Im not to get banned or if I am I will see you all one day!

Well I mean its not something im proud of but im proud that ive atleast changed over the years xD

We've known you were SugaryDoghnut for a very long time. I instructed staff a long time ago to keep an eye on you as I didn't trust you one bit

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