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Perm banned ignore the last one [Denied]

so basically, My cousin whos 10, loves doctor who. I got him into the show when he was 5 and he was obsessed with minecraft. Everyday he comes over he watches me play the DMU server on MC and always wanted to go onto it. He always wants to be like me for some reason, idk why there's nothing special about me that someone wants to be like me for. Then me and my dad got into a fight and he ended up grounding me from my PC. My dad let my cousin play on it and he immediately went on the DMU server. I went out with my friends from my old school and I come back with what 4 appeals banned that my cousin sent to you guys? He tried pretending to be me, even insulting staff to get me into trouble and mocking people. I also found that he went on my discord which was something only I should be on and not him and started messaging the staff and harassing them about the ban. He then comes crying to me saying there's been a perm ban on my account which annoys me alot. I'm sorry for what my cousin did, he's salty as fuck and even tries to impersonate me to get me into trouble. He started spamming get in the church which i loved that quote and then he started doing the quote which was a bit weird and then he did it in the DMU server on the 13th. Which everyone was annoyed with. What frustrated me the most is that he kept trying to get my friends from the DMU server to get the mods to unban me which shouldn't happen because they could get banned. He used the bad day excuse cause I had a bad day on the 13th (cause y'know my dad grounded me from my pc and other shit) he was being rude to staff and people from the server. I'm sorry for what he did. If you want me to replace anything that he griefed cause idk if he griefed then you can let me know and i'll rebuild it for you.

To be honest I think you are just trolling atm. I mean I lost count how many times I told you that you stay banned. Next time you message a staff member you will get a siteban warning because this is just forum waste. 


Thread locked 



Just wanted to add:

Your ban was originally 24 hours. Had you listened to staff in the first place and just accepted your 24 hour ban you would be unbanned now and would be able to go back on the server. But instead you kept ignoring staff.


If you can prove to me that you can go one week without messaging staff or making anymore threads then I will consider an appeal (so long as it is the truth, none of this "it wasn't me it was my (brother, cousin, sister, mum, dad, friend etc)", we don't accept those excuses as most of the time they are lies. It's your account therefore your responsibility for what happens on it)


So in short. If you can go a week without making you ban any worse by messaging us or appealing again we will consider an appeal on May 22nd (but not before that). Otherwise it stays as a perm ban with no appeal.

This thread has been locked.