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Dmu ban appeal

Minecraft omgitslaboss

Ban deratrion 465 days

 I was banned for scamming 

The last thing I was doing on the server was looking it my tardis parking

The reason I should be unbanned is I own a town I have a lot of friends on the server the things I did was wrong I have vip+ I spent £20 for my account I am a kid and I'll try to un do the stuff I did


Hi omgitslaboss/golden_boss09/Chrishulkbuster,

Upon discussion amongst the staff team the following has been decided:

1) It is clear that you lied in #support chat by saying that the Chrishulkbuster account was your friend when in your appeal you are talking about yourself so it wasn’t your friend as you claimed.

2) You were told by myself to take responsibility for your actions and you have not.

and 3) Your reasons to unban because ‘you own a town’ and you have spent money on the server are irrelevant to your ban. Perhaps you should have thought about breaking the rules more as you have donated to the server.


For these reasons it has been agreed that your appeal is hereby DENIED. Your ban has also been made permanent due to the evidence that you have not learnt from your actions. 


You may appeal again in 6 months time (2/12/2019) if you post any appeals relating to this ban between now and then your ban will be made permanent with NO chance of appeal. 


Thread Locked.



-DMU Moderator 

This thread has been locked.