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Reporting on a staff member who I believe didn't resolve a situation correctly.

Your Minecraft username: WMytherchild

Their Minecraft username: Josia50

Why you are reporting them: Because I believe the way in which they resolved a situation regarding another player was not done in the proper way.

Thread removed.

I have decided that I was wrong and wish for no more to be said.

This has been dealt with correctly in my opinion. Got banned? Well appeal on the forums and don't go with your alt accounts on the server. This isn't a correct way of explaining/appealing on the banned users end.

Josia acted as he should.


~Zel (ex-staff)

A perm-ban is the action we take if a banned player logs in on an alt account, regardless of the reason they're logging on with the account. It may seem harsh but that's just protocol, a punishment isn't really a punishment if you can just come back under a different name, is it? Despite that being protocol,  Josia50 has changed the ban on both accounts from perm to 3 days.

Ironcat can explain the situation on their appeal. They states as well that they knew they weren't allowed to be on an alt, which is a conscious breaking of rules. Minecraft servers can be run differently. There is no objective "right" or "wrong" on how a server can be done. Josia handled the situation correctly, as ironcat can use this website (and they did) as a means of explaining themselves. In addition to that, it seems like you don't have the full context regarding ironcat's original ban. As a former DMU staff member I know that a 3 day ban  wouldn't come from an accidental grief. Before being allowed to speak on DMU you must use a command that states that you have read and accepted the rules, which is more proof that ironcat knew what they were doing. They came online claiming they didnt know how to post an appeal, when all they had to do was look around for a bit and read the pinned threads. 

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