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Concerning the 13th Doctor

I, like the vast majority of Dalek Mod users, am a great fan of Doctor Who and so look forward to every update. Usually, it's nice to see how each new season of the show is referenced within the mod, but in my case (as well as those of at least a few others), the 2018 season and the 13th Doctor are...sensitive topics, to say the least. I understand that the mod needs to keep up to date, but at the same time feel that much of the 2018 season didn't feel like Doctor Who. As such, I'd like to advise the SWD Team by listing what I think should and should not be added in order to avoid unnecessary controversy (this is only meant to be advice and does not have to be followed up on). Please note that all views expressed are just my opinions and should not be viewed as objective truth.


-What should be included (highly recommended)
.13th Doctor's TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, clothes, etc. (it's basically standard procedure)
.Reconnaissance Dalek (after all, this is the Dalek Mod, and I think the design is quite good, along with the Dalek being [imo] the best character in the entire season)


-What could be included (optional) 
.Sniper bots (from 'the Ghost Monument')
.Jabarians (from 'Demons of the Punjab' - one of the few good things in the season [imo]) and their hives (as random structures)
.Stenza/ Stim S'haa (only because he's integral to the story arc of the season)
.Those moth things from 'It takes you away'


-What should NOT be included (highly discouraged [basically everything else, but especially:])
.the Pting ( a forgettable creature that does not deserve the title of "most dangerous creature in the universe" [yes, it is actually called that in the episode])
.that guy from the 3rd episode (a generic, one-note villain)


I know this thread may come across as controversial to some, but I hope users (and the SWD Team) understand it and keep it in mind when considering elements related to the latest season



The Tadis from the 13th doctor will be added along with the sonic and clothes-

The entities you suggested to be added (Optional) will be reviewed.
We will consider the Reconnaissance dalek too.

But we don't expect all of it being in U50..



(Mod Developer)

It's great that these things will be considered, but in all honesty, they're not the most important things I feel could be added, and so I wouldn't mind if none of them are added.

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