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[DMU Ban appeal] Noob_GamerHD: scenter mod is not allowed [Never]

hey again mates, well how do i start... i had scenter mod installed when i tried to join the server again in 2 years, i didn't know scenter wasn't allowed and i i'm sorry but i didn't even have time to think about what i did because i was perma banned, i repeat, in these past 2 years i grew up to be a better person and not cheat, i didn't change my old mods folder, i just put in the new update for dalek mod, if you guys can give me another chance i would be grateful, trust me, i'll never cheat again.

Hi Noob_GamerHD,


After reviewing your appeal it has been decided that you shall be pardoned and allowed back on the server. Please ensure that you no longer have the Scenter mod installed as the server will auto-Ban you if it sees that you do. 


FYI: The server is about to be totally reset due to storage space issues on 17th July. Therefore I would not recommend starting any major builds or custom tardises at this time as everything will be lost (except for ranks and nicknames).


Please post your minecraft username on my profile so that I can unban you, alternately feel free to PM me on discord. 


Appeal Accepted this thread shall be locked.



-DMU Admin

This thread has been locked.