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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] A Sonic what. Blaster, cannon, WHAT! (Updated 2/16/16)

Sonic Device 1- (Sonic Core)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Core)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (Not from canon Doctor Who)

Owner: (Not owned by any one person)


  • (Crafting Ingredient)
    • (I'll use it in the Crafting for the Sonics)

Obtaining/Crafting: This is a Picture

Any other information: (This does not work as a sonic device)



Sonic Device 2- (Sonic Lipstick)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Lipstick)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (Journeys End)

Owner: (Sarah Jane Smith)


  • (Sonic Probe)
    • (This is the sonicing already in the mod)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (I think it might need a new model. I'm not sure.)



Sonic Device 3- (Sonic Pen)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Pen)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (Partners in Crime)

Owner: (Miss Foster)


  • (Sonic Probe) 

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (No other information)



Sonic Device 4- (Sonic Cannon)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Cannon)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (Was mentioned in The Doctor Dances)

Owner: (I read that Ice Warriors had them)


  • (Sonic Attack)
    • (It shoots a powerful "Sonic Discharge")
      • (Don't just use the laser. It's lazy and doesn't work with the other planned weapons you have yet to read about) 

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (It's a nearly one-shot kill weapon. Remember that.)



Sonic Device 5- (Primitive Survival Sonic)

Sonic Device: (Survival Sonic)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (Not from canon Doctor Who)

Owner: (NexusVanguard)


  • (Sonic Probe)
  • (Survivalism)
    • (This sonic is equipped with a mid sized stone or iron dagger and does 5 or 6 melee damage)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (It is in no way polished, it barely has enough casing to protect your hand and it's got wires sticking out everywhere. It also possesses no light on the end, like the classic sonics. It is made to be if a creature that was smart enough to create a sonic from scratch got stranded in a primitive world like Minecraft)



Sonic Device 6- (Sonic Blaster changes)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Blaster)

Suggested by: (wodaman01)

As Seen in: (The Empty Child)

Owner: (Captain Jack Harkness)


  • (Squareness)
    • (What the Sonic Blaster already does)
  • (Sonic Attack)
    • (It fires a lesser version of the "Sonic Discharges" and takes about half health)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added but it's basically a button added to the existing recipe)


Any other information: (It needs a Model.)



Sonic Device 7- (Sonic Wand)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Wand)

Suggested by: (ArcPhoenix)

As Seen in: (Season 15)

Owner: (The White Guardian)


  • (Sonic Probe)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (It is just a sonic that looks like the Key to Time core/finder. That's all)



Sonic Device 8- (4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Sonic Device: (4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (wodaman01)

As Seen in: (Frontier in Space)

Owner: (The Fourth Doctor)


  • (Sonic Probe) 

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (Guys tell me when this first aired. I hate saying "I don't know." It bugs me.)



Sonic Device 9- (2nd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Sonic Device: (2nd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (wodaman01)

As Seen in: (The War Games)

Owner: (The 2nd Doctor)


  • (Sonic Probe)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (I'm not sure if the light's meant to be colored since the show was in black and white.)



Sonic Device 10- (War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Sonic Device: (War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (wodaman01)

As Seen in: (The Day of the Doctor)

Owner: (The War Doctor)


  • (Sonic Probe)
  • (Light Sonic Attack)
    • (It is meant as a very light attack merely to shoo enemies away long enough to flee)

Obtaining/Crafting: (Can you guess what goes here? To be added.)


Any other information: (It will only deal a heart of damage.)



Sonic Device 11- (River Song's Sonic Screwdriver)

Sonic Device: (River Song's Sonic Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (wodaman01)

As Seen in: (Silence in the Library)

Owner: (River Song)


  • (Sonic Probe)
  • (Red Setting)
    • (It stuns enemies with Slowness, Weakness, Blindness, and Nausea.)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (He doesn't just "give" his screwdriver to people. Yeah I had to reference that.)



Sonic Device 12- (Laser Screwdriver)

Sonic Device: (Laser Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (NexusVanguard)

As Seen in: (I can't remember the title of that episode for the life of me.)

Owner: (The Master)


  • (Lazers are cool)
    • (It shoots lasers of death.)
      • (Insta-Kill. It hits you and you die.) 

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)


Any other information: (I may make a section about it being isomorphic.)



Sonic Device 13- (Romana's Sonic Screwdriver that looks like a flute.)

Sonic Device: (Romana's Sonic Screwdriver)

Suggested by: (ArcPhoenix)

As Seen in: (Horns of Nimon)

Owner: (It's Romana or Fred.)


  • (Sonic Probe)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added)

Any other information: (Am I the only one who looks at that thing as go's "That's a flute")



Sonic Device 14- (Sonic Spoon)

Sonic Device: (Sonic Spoon)

Suggested by: (ArcPhoenix)

As Seen in: (The Blood Cell)

Owner: (The 12th Doctor)


  • (Simple Sonic)
    • (It only opens and closes doors. That's it.)

Obtaining/Crafting: (To be added. How would you make a SPOON in Minecraft?)


Any other information: (Answers will be taken in the comments below)



Format by ArcPhoenix. A massive thanks to him for the Format. I am taking Suggestions below. Have fun. Formated 2/16/2016

How about a Sonic Screwdriver based on the Core of the Key to Time/Key to Time piece Tracer from Season 16?


It's just a Sonic Screwdriver model Variant by the way. No special properties

Yes! That's very sonic looking. I love it. not too thrilled with the colors but eh. It was the 80's

Somehow, I picture the last thing being made a bit like this (unless you already have something in mind):


(Stone Pressure Plate) - (Redstone Block) - (Redstone Dust)


              (Lever)         -                 (Stick)              -        (Button)


              (Stone)        -           (Iron Ingot)         -          (Stone)


I think that adding a nether star to a sonic blaster means you can differentiate between each setting by shifting


by the way. Love the ideas

Wodaman. I would love to add something like that. Any ideas for settings?

Sure, in happy to help.

All I've thought of so far is

blaster (which puts squares in objects)

and cannon (which blasts things)

Feel free to add and/or discuss this

Ok. So it'd switch between the normal sonic blaster and a weapon. I like that.

Well, since there are many sonics not in the mod how about.

Making another 4th doctor sonic screwdriver because the one we have now is basically the 3rd doctors sonic with a grey emitter ring. I do like this sonic so it should still be in the mod, but we need one closer to the 4th doctors design, perhaps under the name, 4th doctors mkII sonic screwdriver. (The fourth doctors sonic screwdriver is one of my favourites in doctor who)

perhaps one that's look like the 4th doctors mkII sonic screwdriver but with a silver emitter ring (I saw a deviant art picture of one and it looks awesome)

second doctors sonic screwdriver (from what I have seen its a silver tube with a light at the end

River songs sonic screwdriver (this sonic will have a blue tip for normal activeties, but shifting will change its mode, red mod will be able to disorient and stun foes)

war doctors sonic screwdriver (I really like this one)

I will certainly add those but at a later date. I'm a pint busy.

There's Romana II's  Sonic Screwdriver (If I can find an image of it)

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