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I'll be trying to come back.

Hi! It's now coming up to one year since I have been banned from DMU permanently. I've had a year of taking notes, getting out of old unhealthy habits such as griefing, raiding and x-raying. This August, I intent on appealing to the staff of this server. To appeal something means to "make a serious, urgent, or heartfelt request." according to Oxford dictionary. This request will be series and heartfelt but not urgent, nor rushed. I have had a year to structure my appeal and compare it with some that have been accepted and some that have been denied and I am confident that it has as little bias as possible and only displays the crystal clear truth. In all honesty, I am embarrassed at that crystal clear truth because on this reflection I now see how horrible I have been in the past. If I do get back, I'd like to integrate myself back into the community and hopefully see some familiar faces :)



Mision_control, Signing out until next month.

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