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[Discord Ban Appeal]

Discord account username and ID: Lansmith1#0784


Why you were banned: For getting mad and back chatting a mod after he warned me.


Ban duration: Idk


What were you doing last in the discord: Being stupid


Any previous bans: No.

And also, to be fair he was being a bit rude as my nickname was Lan and he was saying stuff like I'm gonna host a @lan party as @lan parties are fun aren''t they @lan which ticked me off a bit, I have a short fuse so I can get a bit mad when someone takes the mick out of me. But, yes I can control it



iiAwesomeCrafter, please refrain from commenting on ban appeals that have no concern with you.

Lansmith1, please use the correct format including the reason to be unbanned, the information you have presented as your second post is informal.

Please present your information formally and professionally in your next ban appeal, so that a staff member can reply as soon as possible.





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