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[discord Ban appeal] ydna111

 Discord account username and ID: ydna111#6313


Why you were banned: rudeness, confusing people and overreacting


Ban duration: permament


What were you doing last in the discord: talking in discord


Any previous bans: 1


Why you think you should be pardoned early : First of all I'd like to apologise to people I have confused by my talking in discord right after my unban there. If I will get unbanned once again I will try to not overreact this time and be as any well behaved member of your community.


Kind regards,




Considering the past ban appeals and actions that have lead you to make them in the first place. I do not see any form of improvement in you maturity at all. You have made in total 10 ban appeals, including this one, both discord and DMU. You have really given us no choice at this point but to just straight up deny your appeal for hopefully the last time. Furthermore, you only just recently got unbanned, that already says a lot...







In reply I would like to ask, does this mean I'm no longer allowed appealing to discord servers ?




EDIT: This can be considered as final appeal if it gets accepted only once more

This will be your final ban appeal. You have been given too many chances.


This thread shall now be locked.

This thread has been locked.