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griefed house and placed claimed chest

Hello. My username is DimensionaBeing and i found my house floor missing and two walls of my tardis parking removed, and they placed a chest and then claimed it so it couldn't be removed by normal players, they also had started a farm outside of my house and planted two trees, those of which i removed myself. Unfortunately this isn't the first time someone has come and destroyed my property, and i find it very annoying when players do so, for i am trying to start a town, and i can't continue with these issues. I would also like the chest in my house removed and the player and all possible players like them to be warned not to do it again. I hope this can be resolved.

I do suggest looking at this thread for Player Griefs/Reports


It'll give you the correct format for future use and make it much more easier to see the key points in the thread. ;D


If no one has solved it in a couple hours I'll hop on myself to evaluate the grief/report.


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