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Discord Ban Appeal [Accepted]


Discord Account Username and ID: Lansmith1#0784

Why you were banned: Back answering a mod after being kicked

Ban Duration: Unknown (I was banned February)

Any Previous Bans: None on Discord

Why do you think you should be pardoned early: I was messing around and broke a few rules out of me just showing pure stupidity, I don't remember too much why I did it, but all I know is I'm ready to behave like a decent human and respect everyone, as I was lacking that which was probably the reason I got kicked. I got into an argument with a mod and I now know that it wasn't wise, please accept my appeal. Truly sorry.  



We are currently looking into your ban appeal, please be patient whilst we are assessing it.





You will be unbanned with a FINAL warning. Breaking any rule will result in a perm ban from the Discord server.



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