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Griefing Issue

Hello. It's me again, DimensionalBeing. I have come back to report that the case of my land being griefed has occurred multiple times. I cannot say a players name because it hasn't been one player. Through the time span of my building it has been mined through and materials taken by those i do not know of. I would like whoever can deal with the situation to do so because it is starting to happen too often. It is getting beyond annoying and I'm constantly making repairs. I report this for as i said in my last report, i am trying to start a town, and i can't do so with any of this happening. Please send someone to make it stop.

Hi DimensionalBeing,


Thank you got your report. Please can you either comment below or PM me on discord with the following details so that this can be looked into.


- co-ordinates of the grief (exact if possible not just rough)

- exactly what blocks/buildings were griefed

- any screenshots of before the grief so that we can see what the damage is.


please note that if you have fixed the grief or otherwise interacted with any griefed blocks since the griefer(s) we may not be able to see due to block logs only going back so far.


Prompt reply will enable us to resolve your issue as soon as possible.





-DMU Admin

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