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Competition to decide on the dalek mod tardis interiors

I think it would be cool if a competition was held to decide on official tardis interiors (the ones used in the mod)


A temperary new section of the forums could be opened called "interior contest" or something along those lines


A stickied rules thread and random questions thread should written up before hand


Each person who wants to enter makes 1 thread with images (and download?) To all the interiors they are entering


At the end of a set deadline (a month? or 2?) All the entered interiors are put up for a vote by the community And the highest voted wins


The winners could receive a Special builder rank and access to the private server if they don't already have it (leading to a build team)


Just some thoughts :) what do you think?




Hey !


Good idea ! If the users's interiors could be used, it'd be great ! I'd love this suggestion to be implemented !

There are already interiors ready for U43 while some are being built, and this idea would not work since with time we'd run out of canon interiors for the mod, so sorry! :(

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