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2010 tardis crash with nitro-9

Dalek Mod version (Update [42.2] for Minecraft Version [1.8]

Where you downloaded the mod from: SWD website

List of mods installed:Dalek Mod 42.2

Minecraft Forge version:1.8

Location of crash (e.g. On server/singleplayer): So far only tested in single player (can't test it on the server anyway)

What you were doing prior to crash: Using nitro-9

Describe the problem please:Using nitro-9 in a 2010 tardis interior has caused the game to crash (so far tested Four times in a row) , upon reloading the game, the area has a whole bunch of sand in it. seems to be when I place the nitro onto an iron block is when the crash occurs. the crash is only occurring in the tardis dimension.



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